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Winter Warmer Sale

Time to get cosier on Zims

Itís a wrap

Come along and join in the Zims Xpo wrap up.

Giant X Laser Tag

Join in the madness tonight at the Xís very own Xpo games.


Xplore Quest

Xpo Safety Quiz

Welcome To Zims AU
Zims is a virtual community where you can hang out with your friends, meet new ones, create and decorate your own personal space and take part in a wide variety of activities and competitions.

New To Zims?
If this is your first visit to Zims, don't worry! Getting started is simple, just follow the 3 steps below:

1. Get Shockwave (It's free)
2. Enter Zims Hotel.
3. Create your Zims & play!

Who Can Play?
News SecurityAnyone aged 11 years old or over can use the Hotel, but players under 12 must ask their parent or guardianís permission first. Read our Welcome Guide or Parents' Guide to find out more.
Site of the Year
NetGuide Award 2005
Zims Credits
Zims Credits are the Hotel's currency and can used for a variety of things. Zims Credits allow you to decorate your room with Zims Furni, adopt a Pet, buy gifts for your friends, join Zims Club (our exclusive VIP club) or play Games

Zims Credits can be bought in a variety of ways. Fnd out which is best for you >>

Zims Games
You'll never be bored in Zims-Hotel, we have loads of games to keep you occupied. Play Chess, Poker or Battle Ships in the Rumpus Room, show off your High Dive in the Pool, slap your opponent silly during a game of Wobble Squabble or take part in Battle Ball, the choice is yours!
Zims Mobile
Who said Zims was just for your computer? Check out Zims Mobile for loads of unique Zims ringtones, games and wallpapers, all for your mobile phone!
Online Safety
Zims-Hotel is moderated 24 hours a day by professional Moderators. All conversations are filtered for bad language, sexist and racist terms.

Conversations in all parts of Zims-Hotel are recorded and can be monitored as they take place without warning. Any questionable behaviour will be reported to the police.

Read more about Moderation, Hotel rules, account safety and online safety:

contact habbo
If you have a problem, question or suggestion, you can read the FAQs or use the Zims Help Tool to email us 24 Hours a day.